Iconotechniki’s workshop is located in a modern bioclimatic building of 6500 square meters in the city of Athens with a view of Acropolis – all of the fine arts that compose the creation of icons coexist.

The icon’s journey begins from the hagiographer’s moment of inspiration – design department – based on the original prototype, or his knowledge of the proper representation of the figures and delivers his creation.

Design Workshop

In the Design workshop, all the information on the prototype icons are stored. It’s where the icon's journey begins with the hagiographer's first moment of inspiration.

Carpentry Workshop

In the carpentry workshop, wood is crafted into a variety of sizes and shapes, then hand-painted, preparing it to be delivered to the next stage of their creation.

Silk screening Workshop

In the silk screening workshop, the artwork is handcrafted and the resulting painted sheets are placed one on top of the other to compose the complete artwork.

Metal Workshop

In the Metal workshop, the icon goes through to the next stages of production, that of gold and silver coating, whereupon it is "dressed” through the addition of a metal coating.

Finishing Workshop

In the finishing workshop, the finishing touches are added by our skilled artisans. The highest quality Swarovski crystals are then added, when and where needed.

Unique Icons

Every one of our icons, even the silk screen prints, are more than 80% hand crafted by our skilled artisans. This way, each image is a unique piece of art and no one is exactly like the other.

Byzantine Tradition

Our icons apart from being technologically sophisticated and accurate, faithfully adhere to the tradition of icon creation according to Byzantine Christian tradition. Each one of our icons is certified.

With blessing and approval of the Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos

Our icons have the blessing and approval of some of the Greatest Monasteries worldwide, across Mount Athos, Kykkos Monastery in Cyprus, Meteora, Jerusalem and many more.



Metro : Stop Eleonas,
Line 3 Agia Marina – Airport

Bus : Stop Paliatzidika,
In Athens Avenue, Α15 - Β15 - Γ16

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