Wolrd's largest Byzantine icons workshop

For over 45 years Iconotechniki has promoted the importance of religious accuracy and superior quality. The thousands of small and large works of art produced by Iconotechniki, have signalled the company success for over four decades and is now considered to be among the largest workshops of museum copies worldwide.

Τhe Largest Workshop

The small and large works of art – icons, gospels, amulets, religious items – have signaled the success of the company for four decades and Iconotechniki can be counted amongst the largest workshops of museum copies worldwide.

High Quality Materials

Using canvas, wood and silver as raw materials, we blend modern production methods with traditional, the knowledge of religious tradition, the techniques of hagiography, and the passion of creation to transform each icon into an important work of art.

The largest collection of Byzantine icons worldwide

With over 2000 unique themes in many shapes and sizes, many different production methods (silkscreen, handcrafted icons, silver, canvas on wood).

Production exclusively in Greece

Our icons are produced in their entirety in our workshop exclusively in Greece, the cultural center of Byzantine art. Every one of our icons is unique.

Traditional Production Methods

Old traditional methods of production and creation using natural materials, silk screen printing methods, egg tempera, hagiography canvas material.

The company collaborates with important hagiographers who possess great experience and technical training on the subject, to create faithful copies of Byzantine icons on canvas, enriching them with their creative imagination.

Our icons have the blessing and approval of some of the Greatest Monasteries worldwide, across Mount Athos, Kykkos Monastery in Cyprus, Meteora, Jerusalem and many more.



Metro : Stop Eleonas,
Line 3 Agia Marina – Airport

Bus : Stop Paliatzidika,
In Athens Avenue, Α15 - Β15 - Γ16

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